There’s No Such Thing as “Plus Size Boudoir”


If an Internet search for “plus size boudoir photography” is what brought you to The Adore Girls’ website, then we are thrilled that you’ve found us, and we’d love the opportunity to explain why our studio does not actually believe in the term “plus size boudoir!”

Our goal at The Adore Girls’ Nashville boudoir studio is to provide ALL women, regardless of clothing size, with a fun and empowering boudoir photography experience, as well as tastefully sexy, intimate portraits that can be cherished for a lifetime. We do not have a separate “Plus Size Boudoir Gallery” on our website because there truly is no difference in how we photograph our clients. We do not have certain boudoir poses that we only use for plus size women, nor do we purposely photograph our curvaceous clients any differently than our less-curvy clients. We simply determine which poses, lighting, and angles will look the most flattering for each individual woman during her photo shoot.

Another reason why we choose not to categorize our photo galleries according to body type is because we do not want to perpetuate the notion that plus size women do not “deserve” to be seen in the same light as women of a smaller size. After all, 67 percent of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or larger in clothing. However, only 2 percent of women shown in the media are plus size*, leaving the MAJORITY of American women feeling like their curvy bodies somehow make them less attractive or less worthy of attention than women with smaller bodies, which is…pardon our French…complete and utter BULLSH%t!

Futhermore, it has been our experience that curvy women (who probably make up at least half of The Adore Girls’ clientele, by the way) have just as many gorgeous lingerie options available to them and can pose just as seductively as our non-plus size clients. In fact, here is a small sampling of side-by-side comparisons that demonstrate just how unnecessary the label “plus size boudoir” really is:

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