5 Boudoir Session Mistakes to Avoid


Another HUGE mistake that women sometimes make is bringing in lingerie that either they’ve never tried on before, or that they know does not fit them well, but assume we will Photoshop the images to make them look more flattering. In the case of the former, the reason it is EXTREMELY important to try on your wardrobe prior to your session is because all women are built differently. Just because a piece of lingerie looks like it should fit you when you hold it up, or it looks great on the woman modeling it on the tag, that does NOT mean you will like the way it looks on YOUR body, and that is a terribly disappointing thing to find out right before your photo shoot.

As for bringing in a piece of lingerie that you know does not fit you well, all we can say is please don’t. We always ask that our clients ONLY bring in pieces that make them feel good while wearing them at the time of their photo shoot. For example, if you have a garter belt that looked great on you ten years ago, but today you don’t like how much it squeezes your waist, then it’s better to either find a different garter belt that fits the way you like, or simply forgo that option and bring in a different item altogether. You should never expect your photographer to use Photoshop to make something look like it fits you better, because that is simply not how we edit.

In regard to bringing wardrobe that is inappropriate for a boudoir session at our studio, this sometimes happens when, again, a client has not looked through our Gallery or read the information we’ve provided, which states that costume-type outfits and most props are strongly discouraged. This is because our photography studio is actually an old, historic home and, therefore, many costumes and props can look very out of place when photographed on our sets. (For example, imagine a woman holding a fishing pole while posing seductively on our canopy bed. It just doesn’t work.) We also sometimes have clients bring in regular street clothing or formalwear for their boudoir photos, despite the fact that ALL of the photos on our website clearly illustrate the fact that our boudoir clients are photographed while either nude, semi-nude, or wearing lingerie. Granted, a Lifestyle Portrait Session can be added to your boudoir session if you’d like to include some traditional-style portraits (i.e. photos in regular clothing), but The Adore Girls will always be, first a foremost, a boudoir photography studio.

So, as you are deciding what to wear for your upcoming boudoir session, we highly recommend checking out the wardrobe guides on your Client Access page, looking through our website Gallery to get an idea of what our studio sets look like. If you have a certain piece of wardrobe or a prop in mind, but you’re unsure if it will work for your photo shoot, simply give us a call or even text us a photo at the phone numbers provided below, and we’ll be happy to give you our opinions. 🙂

4. Overthinking Your Session and Bringing a “Shot List” to Your Boudoir Shoot

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