What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot Really Like?


When you emerge from the dressing room wearing your first sexy outfit of the day, you may understandably feel those nerves kick back in a little bit, but we promise they will be gone before you know it! That’s because we truly LOVE what we do, and it shows! I mean, it’s hard to stay nervous when there’s good music pumping, you’re wearing a sexy outfit and looking gorgeous, your photographer is cutting up with you while also coaching you into some amazing boudoir poses, and almost every time she takes a photo, she looks at the back of her camera and yells, “OMG, you look so hot!” In fact, the comment we hear the most often from our first-time Adore Girls is that they had no idea a boudoir photo shoot would be So. Much. FUN!

And speaking of posing for your boudoir portraits, if you are even a little bit concerned about what types of poses your photographer will ask you to do or whether or not you’ll end up looking awkward in your boudoir photos, don’t be. For starters, your photographer will ask you questions about where you think you might fall within the “sexy spectrum” of boudoir photography to gauge your overall comfort level with certain types of poses and various levels of nudity. This is because some women want to have more modest boudoir photos that are sexy, but not necessarily sexual, while other women actually want their photos to be sexually provocative, and still other women (the majority of our clients, actually) prefer boudoir poses that fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. We never want to make assumptions about what types of poses or what levels of nudity our clients have in mind for their boudoir shoots, though, which is why we always ask these questions.

As for the posing process itself, The Adore Girls’ photographers are all experts at knowing which poses, lighting, and angles are going to be the most flattering for every body type, and we are very patient when it comes to coaching our clients into those poses. The first thing we’ll do is get into the pose ourselves so you can have a visual of what we have in mind. As we get ourselves into that position, we’ll describe every little aspect of what we’re doing. (“You’ll see that as I’m leaning on my right arm, I’m arching my back and bringing my left hand up into my hair, my eyes are shut, and notice my toes are pointed….”) After we’ve shown you the pose, then we’ll help you get into that same position, and we’ll repeat all the instructions we just gave you (because we don’t expect you to commit all of that to memory). If, at any time, we think a certain boudoir pose looks unnatural or awkward, or if it is too difficult for you to do, then we will either tweak the pose until it works, or we might try a different pose altogether. Either way, it is our job as professional boudoir photographers to help you look your absolute BEST in your photos, and we promise not to let you down!

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