Casual Boudoir Photo Shoot Style Ideas


Casual Boudoir Wardrobe Ideas

Some popular casual wardrobe options for boudoir sessions include button-up shirts, such as a man’s oxford work shirt or flannel, oversized sweaters or cardigans, sports jerseys, or simply just wearing a sheet. Another favorite are T-shirts and tank tops because they allow you visibly express more of your personality without having to incorporate props into your boudoir photos (which we are not a big fan of, by the way). For example, some women love to wear T-shirts and tank tops that have messages written on them, such as, “Perfectly Imperfect,” or even graphics that represent their favorite band, TV show, or movie. You can also crank up the sexy factor by cutting out the neck of the T-shirt so that it hangs off the shoulder, or cutting the tee or tank from the bottom to create a crop top. If you want to make your casual boudoir photos even steamier, you could choose to wear a plain white tee or tank for a Wet T-Shirt/Tank Top Set!

Casual boudoir items are usually worn with just a pair of panties, although some of our more daring Adore Girls have opted to go bottomless, as well. (We always pose women tastefully so that their lower “party parts” are never fully exposed.) It is very common for our clients to go barefoot for a casual boudoir set; although, sometimes they choose to bring in their favorite pair of sneakers or boots.

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