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Dark & Moody Boudoir Style

If you are mostly drawn towards dark-colored lingerie/wardrobe styles and boudoir photos that could be described as “edgy,” “domineering,” “seductive,” or “sultry,” then chances are good that you have a more dark & moody aesthetic. While we are able to achieve this type of “look” in each of the seven individual boudoir sets located within The Adore Girls’ two-story, 3100 sq-ft studio, the two sets where this low key type of lighting style is utilized the most are on the sets we call The Dark Room and The Sitting Room. This is because we only shoot with natural light in these rooms, which better lends itself to a super-sultry style. However, as mentioned, we are definitely not limited to shooting on just these two sets in order to create dark & moody images. Artificial lighting and a change of camera settings can also be used to create this same type of look on our other boudoir sets, as well.

The types of wardrobe that tend to work best for an edgy boudoir photo shoot are darker-colored lingerie pieces or other wardrobe items that make you feel like a sexy badass when you wear them (like a black leather jacket worn over a red thong with thigh-high boots, or a faux leather bra & panty set with stilettos). You might also consider adding the Honey Birdette Bondage Collection, a Wet T-Shirt / Tank Top set, or gunslate gray Angel Wings to really crank things up a notch!

The strong use of shadows is what qualifies a boudoir photo as being “dark & moody,” as well as a stark contrast between shadows and light. As you’ll see in the examples below, if one side of the face and body is brightly lit, the other side will be very dark. Or, if the entire face and body are brightly lit, they’re done so in a “spotlight” type of way so that the rest of the surrounding environment is very dark. Sexy silhouettes are also very a popular choice for dark & moody boudoir photos.

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