3 Facts About Our Nashville Boudoir Sessions


Many years ago, only minutes into her first-ever boudoir session, we had a very excited Adore Girl exclaim, “Wow…this isn’t sexy at all. This is fun!” That comment has remained one of our all-time faves because we feel it perfectly summarizes what a boudoir session with The Adore Girls is really like!

When you look through our Gallery of gorgeous boudoir photographs, you could easily presume that a professional photo shoot is a serious event, and that all of our clients must have somehow been in a very sensual type of mood during their photos shoots, right? I mean, how else could we have captured such sexy, intimate portraits of these women?

Well, not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the actual process of getting into some of these alluring and seductive poses is the complete opposite of sexy, and the only “mood” that is created during a photo session is one of pure excitement and FUN! This is because, even though we take our jobs as professional boudoir photographers very seriously, we also cannot hide the fact that we absolutely LOVE what we do, and we have fun while doing it! (We’ve also been told that our enthusiasm is rather infectious!) So, during a typical photo shoot at our studio, you can expect to hear some good music pumping in the background, lots of laughter, and your photographer randomly shouting things like, “OMG! You look SO HOT right now!”

As for the posing process itself, some of our poses are based on very natural body positions that are quite easy to achieve. However, some of our more provocative poses are not exactly “normal” positions that one would get into on a regular basis, and, therefore, can be a bit more challenging. In fact, some of our past clients have told us they were surprised to be a little bit sore the next day, especially in the lower back area, but all of them agreed that it was 100% worth it once they saw their amazing boudoir photos!

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