Nashville Boudoir Photography | Why The Adore Girls Just Want to Help You Do YOU!


Then, around 2010, a shift towards the use of natural light for Boudoir Photography started to occur, and photographers also began to experiment with photographing boudoir sessions on-location, typically within their clients’ homes or a rented hotel room. The combination of natural light and a more natural setting created a much more intimate, realistic “look” for boudoir photos, which completely changed the industry, including how boudoir photos were edited. A “perfectly polished” edit no longer matched the more true-to-life boudoir imagery that was being created. Coincidentally, around this same time, the hashtags #bodypositive and #effyourbeautystandards were gaining enormous popularity on social media platforms. And so, boudoir photographers everywhere changed their tune and proudly advertised their ability to “help women see their true beauty and embrace who they are today!”

Over the next 5 years or so, there was a huge surge in the popularity of boudoir photography, and many professional photographers began specializing exclusively in Boudoir. Since the use of natural light and more natural settings had now become the industry standard, most boudoir photographers ditched their white-walled studios in favor of large, natural light-filled warehouse spaces or commercially-zoned homes to use as their boudoir studios. In turn, backdrops and studio lighting were replaced with luxurious furniture and beautifully decorated studio sets. It was also around this time (2015-present) that a rise in mental health awareness occurred and the need for self-love/self-care became a hot topic of conversation. And so, boudoir photographers everywhere proudly advertised their services as being “an integral part of every woman’s personal self-love journey!”

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