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What’s better than getting to know an Everything To Sea traveler? Getting to know him twice! And we have the good fortune to anticipate seeing him again, for his third experience with us, later this year. In this post Parker – our Captain of Sales – talks with Doug G from Singapore about being naked, choosing a travel operator, and some of his favorite things from the trips he’s already taken with us.

I’ve heard about how much fun you were on our trips. I’m wondering – what’s your favorite way to spend your days off, when you’re at home? 

Doug: To be honest, when I’m home I just like to spend my days off quietly relaxing… catching on YouTube videos… or sometimes having a nice meal with friends, catching up on the latest news in each others lives.

Definitely sounds relaxing! Speaking of relaxing… tell me about your experience with nudism.

Doug: Actually, my experience with nudism is quite limited. I’ve visited a couple of nudist beaches in Europe and the Caribbean over the years, and then of course there’s my two trips to date with Everything to Sea.

Were you scared before coming on the trip? Or hesitant to book?

Doug: I wouldn’t say I was really scared, but perhaps a little hesitant initially – until I had done all my research on the company, and convinced myself that it was a professionally run trip with lots of interesting sites to see. I have also said that I’d never do a “big cruise”, but a smaller ship seemed good to me. I was a bit hesitant about being on a boat for a week, but in retrospect, I need not have worried.

First, you did a group sailing trip. Then, half a year later you took Everything To Sea’s Your Private Journey. You helped plan the itinerary for that with Dave and Max – which was actually a land trip, in Bali. What made you want to do another trip with the company?

Doug: Almost all of my vacations historically have been solo trips, but I found I really bonded with Dave and Max during the sailing trip. Therefore, I felt that it’d be an ideal way to see the more hidden parts of Bali, which would have been more difficult as a solo traveller. The format of Your Private Journey also appealed, as it allowed me to select options that I had not seen on previous trips I’d had in Bali. I suspect several of these options I wouldn’t have even found, if I were by myself.

We were able to cover large distances and stay in multiple locations across the island. Since Everything To Sea took care of all the organisation for things, it was great… I could just go with the flow.

On Your Private Journey, you got to visit a rather esoteric spot: the Balinese Royal Palace of Kerambitan. How was that experience for you?

Doug: I got to see how life used to be in the palace in the past. The old architecture and craftsmanship was fascinating. It was really nice to see the buildings in all of their fading glory, and even meet some members of the royal family who call the palace home to this day. I love to have lots of different experiences when I vacation, rather than just lie on a beach. For example, participating in cultural events, seeing local crafts as well as beautiful landscapes, and eating good food.

What other experiences stood out to you?

Doug: On the day we visited the Royal Palace, we also visited a local temple that was celebrating a festival. We had the honour of being invited into their ceremony. This was a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be part of, had I not been on Your Private Journey. I also found the trip to the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces totally unique. The level of engineering that was required to build these terraces centuries ago really intrigued me.

How’d Dave and Max do, as your private guides?

Doug: Dave and Max are so easy to get along with. I felt as if I have known them for years. They made the whole experience unique and so enjoyable. I have enjoyed my previous experiences with those two so much that I’m also going to do another trip with them –The Ultimate Bali Villa, later this year.

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about joining a trip with Everything To Sea?

Doug: I would say that it is definitely worth it! First of all, it’s always good to try new things, even if you’re a little unsure initially. As for the trips themselves: they’re very professionally organised, and the experiences are amazing. A personal highlight has been seeing sea turtles, coral reefs and tropical fish whilst snorkelling in the open sea. You won’t regret the adventure, and you can rest assured that you will be looked after brilliantly, and safely, from start to finish.

Thank you, Doug!

We’re honored that Doug had such nice things to say! Max and Dave were equally forthcoming, citing how impressed they were, not only with Doug’s adventurous spirit, but his open mind and relaxing, chill vibe. Whether they were out and about doing activities, or lounging around naked in the ocean-view villa, the three guys definitely had fun together.

All of us at Everything To Sea are thrilled to welcome him back to another new experience, later this year. The Ultimate Bali Villa trips are sure to be a great mix showcasing the best of the island, with two different activity options each day: one for guys who’ve been in Bali before, and another for men new to the Island of the Gods. And “ultimately” with naked time too – all in the privacy of the luxury villa.

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