Notes from the fitting room. Agent Provocateur.


I haven’t been to any offline lingerie store for a while so I couldn’t resist a temptation when went to Los Angeles for business trip. I popped into a couple of stores in the heart of Californian luxury, Beverly Hills. The first one (no surprise) was Agent Provocateur.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of the brand. They do beautiful designs quite often but their stores usually seem way too blatant to my taste. I’ve been to one in Soho, New York, and it was all “in your face” kind of design, with over-sexualized in an over-stereotypical way mannequins in the windows, too much of pink and leopard, velvet and tassels inside. Well, it’s probably just not exactly my cup of tea but I feel startled and tiny in front of these stores.  

“Do you really want to go here?” – asked my husband looking at the mannequin in cowboy hat and boots. I had a goal this time – my “Notes from the fitting room” column, so I went ahead bravely.

I started with a delicate Lindie set of a demi cup plunge underwired bra, brief, and suspender. First of all, it looks beautiful, and I love the embroidery but images on the website are retouched heavily. If you’re waiting for this impeccable fit… well, just don’t set your hopes too high. I wear 32B and size 2 for the brief and suspender on these photos which is the smallest they have for this design. The brief fits well and doesn’t cut into my sides, but suspender supposes a bigger difference between waist and hips – its elastic is a little bit too tight for me while tulle is too loose (it’s hard to see on the cellphone photos but I don’t actually have these bumps on my sides, it’s just a loose fabric, it’s seen a bit better on photos from behind). This is a common issue with my proportions though so can’t blame the brand.

Bra band and wires are a bit too narrow for me and wires come onto the breast tissue on the sides, while cups are a bit too big (no surprise here, I usually wear 32A) – not drastically but you can see it even on the photos, and it’s only more noticeable in reality. It does create a beautiful plunge though – I usually don’t have this kind of cleavage. Fabric is a bit more rough than I’d think it to be based on the price ($620 before tax for this set), and seams aren’t exactly perfect either but again, nothing critical.

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