Toronto Couples intimate lifestyle portraits (Part I) | Instant Connection


Sometimes you get to photograph something that inspires you, invigorates you, and makes you realize you are on the right path. This creative couples boudoir session with Rob and Mark-ché was one of those moments for me.

Rob is normally behind the camera as a commercial photographer, but stepped in front of the camera to model with Mark-ché , a Toronto based model, LGBTQ+ community activist, and, on that day, a student with a final the next day who agreed to pause his studying to help us create magic!

Rob and Mark-ché met for the very first time the morning of the session, but their chemistry was instantaneous.  They were playful, relaxed, open to experimenting, and ready to help tell a story of connection and intimacy.  Having the opportunity to photograph them together on the rooftop of the airbnb I was staying at made it even that much better. 

One of the people I was staying with had this gorgeous pink tulle skirt, and we quickly determined that both Rob and Mark-ché were able to fit into the skirt.  That additional pop of color weaved throughout the images, and the colorful mural incorporated towards the end of this part of the session made my creative heart so so happy.

I hope you enjoy the images from this collaborative effort.  While these photos are more editorial/portrait based, in Part 2 of this series, I’ll share the more boudoir inspired photos from this session.

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