Myths About Sagging Breasts, are They Real?


Sagging breasts, one thing that many women dread. Are there ways to prevent it? Is it irreversible? Well, in this article, we will be debunking some common myths about sagging breasts. 

Only large breasts sag

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One of the most common myths is that only large breasts will sag. This is false, as even small breasts can sag. Sagging of the breasts is caused by the ratio of breast tissue to fat tissue, as well as the firmness of skin. If you have a high body fat content, the fat in your breasts will be more. As fat isn’t like muscle which can hold up your breasts, it cannot keep your breasts lifted, and they will sag. If your skin lacks firmness and is loose and stretched out, then your breasts are likely to sag due to the skin being unfirm. 

Exercise prevents drooping breasts 

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Be honest, those with larger breasts have probably heard their mothers claim that chest exercises will make sure the breasts don’t droop. This common myth is actually false, but there is some truth behind it. Chest exercises can strengthen the ligaments around the pectoral area. Breasts, however, are made out of fat and glandular tissue and not actual muscle, so while the strengthened ligaments can make your breasts look a little better, they cannot make them perky after they sag. 

Sagging comes from age

This myth is actually true! As we grow older, our cells break down faster than they regenerate, which is why we start suffering from certain symptoms when we get old. Like the other types of tissue in our bodies, breasts have elastin and collagen, and elastin and collagen break down as well with age. those will also break down as we age. Once a woman reaches menopause, fat replaces tehe glandular tissue, which causes the breasts to sag since fat isn’t able to hold the breasts up.

Sun tans, diets, and smoking can cause droopy breasts

This myth is true everyone, it’s a real fact. Smoking women, please take note. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays can affect the look of your breasts, a diet rich in fats can strip you of the proper nutrients your body needs, and smoking can also cause saggy breasts. This is because these practices will break down the collagen in your skin, which in turn will give you saggy skin which leads to a sagging face and breasts. 

Breastfeeding can cause saggy breasts

This actually isn’t true. According to a 2008 study, while the risk of breast ptosis (breast sagging) increases with each pregnancy a woman has in her lifetime, breastfeeding does not cause or worsen the effects. 

Pregnancy can cause saggy breasts

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Unfortunately, this is true. The weight you gain throughout a pregnancy causes the ligaments in your breasts to stretch, which in turn causes your breasts to sag. If you do, however, manage to keep a healthy weight gain during pregnancy, you can reduce the amount of sagging you experience. 

Bras prevent breasts from sagging

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Some people may believe that a bra can help prevent the sagging of the breasts, however this myth is false. While it’s true bras can lift your breasts and give them the desired shape, it cannot prevent sagging, the best it can do is slow sagging down. Here’s a list of good bras for saggy breasts.

Sports bras aren’t important 

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This is false, actually. While a lot of ladies think that they can wear any type of bra to exercise, this is where they are wrong. Normal bras do not have the support that high-impact sports bras have, and putting your breasts through high-impact exercises without the proper support will cause them to bounce immensely which will cause sagging overtime. 

Plastic surgery, pills, creams, and implants can help with sagging

This is a half truth and half false myth. Pills and creams that claim to help reverse sagging are not able to do so, as they cannot tackle the main problem, which is the skin and fatty tissue of the breasts. Maybe they can slightly firm up the skin, but that’s about it. It cannot change the structure or condition of the breasts. Implants can help your breasts look better, but they cannot actually lift your breasts. Actual breast lifting surgery on the other hand, can lift your breasts up and restore them to their upright shape, due to the surgery being specifically designed to tackle the specific issues that cause breast sagging. 


Some of these myths are true facts, but don’t fret. If you maintain a healthy weight or weight gain, take more collagen, reduce UV light exposure and smoking, and wear the right bra for the right occasion, you can slow down and lessen sagging. 

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