How Do You Find A Good Bra Fitter?


How Do You Find A Good Bra Fitter?

Bra fitting is an intimate experience  — and not always a positive one. We all have stories of less-than-sensitive fitters bursting into change rooms unannounced, making thoughtless remarks, or even adjusting our boobs “for” us. This sucks, and it shouldn’t be happening. So how should a bra fitting go? And how do you find a good bra fitter?

How does a good bra fitter work?

It’s easy for fitters to be relaxed when it comes to other people’s bodies, because we see so many every day…and we have the advantage of being the fully clothed person in the fitting room. We have to remember that while it’s not nerve-wracking for us, it may be for you. And we’re not fitting bodies  — we’re fitting people! So we need to work with the whole person.

This means being patient, asking permission, asking lots of questions, and listening to the answers. A good bra fitter asks before entering the fitting room and before touching your body, listens for your response before proceeding, and explains what’s going on throughout the fitting. And they don’t adjust your body for you, unless you ask for that kind of help! Instead, they show you how to adjust your body yourself.

Questions good fitters ask: May I come in? Can I put my hand here? I want to start by feeling how the band of the bra fits, is that okay with you? Can I wiggle that wire a little to check how it’s sitting? How do you feel? Would you like help doing up this bra? Is that comfortable?

How do you find a good bra fitter?

All of these practices prioritize your right to feel safe, respected, and in control in the fitting room. But how can you tell which bra fitting boutiques work this way before you book an appointment?

Ask the internet. Scout out the boutique’s social media accounts, website, and customer reviews. How does the boutique describe their services? What do other people have to say about them? Try checking in with local Facebook groups or other online forums, too.

Call ahead. It’s completely normal to have questions before booking an appointment. And the staff’s willingness to answer can tell you a lot! If they’re brusque, impatient, or behave as though your questions are strange, they’re probably not going to be super respectful in the fitting room. Answers should be clear and friendly. Bonus marks if the person on the phone asks you questions about what you’re hoping for!

Questions to ask: What can you do to make me more comfortable if I’m nervous? What should I expect in my first fitting? Will the fitter see me naked? Can I wear a shirt in my fitting? Do I have to work with a bra fitter?

Browse. If you can, drop by the boutique to see what the vibe is. Are folks friendly? Do you feel welcome? When the staff talk to you, do they seem pushy, or curious? (Are they telling you what you need, or are they asking?) If the front of house staff steamroll or ignore you, that doesn’t bode well for their other services. Trust your gut!

It’s not always possible to be this choosy about where you shop. Maybe you live somewhere with only one bra fitting boutique, or none! Or maybe most of the shops aren’t accessible to you for one reason or another. But at the very least, these tips should help you have a sense of what you’re getting into when you arrive for your fitting. Good luck!

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