Fine Art Nude Boudoir


I’ve always made the conscious decision that I wanted to keep my work classy. You’ve probably noticed that even the fine art nude and implied nude photos in my portfolio I usually have Mrs. puss puss hidden in shadow or something. You see this a lot in renaissance paintings where the naughty bits are covered with a sheet or whatever to maintain that tasteful fine art feel.

I try to make my photos more about the curves of your body, your connection with the viewer and the pose. I love to do this in a way that drives the cave man brain nuts, while still keeping everything artful.

I photograph most of my sessions with this mindset and recently got to do a session for my lovely client Pamela. She, her husband and I all absolutely LOVE her images from her session!

Later Pamela presented her boudoir photos to her husband. Although it was clear he really liked her images, she started to get the feeling like he wished there was more provocative photos from her set.

I forget exactly how she told me the conversation went down, but basically she noticed him hesitate when she asked if he wished she’d gotten more provocative images taken. She took his hesitation as a yes and felt determined to get him the images he REALLY wanted.

Pamela’s First Photo shoot

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