Oklahoma City Intimate Couples Maternity Boudoir Session — Intimate Lens Studio


These partners were looking for a way to celebrate their soon to arrive new bundle of joy, and reached out to me for a couples maternity boudoir session to document their pregnancy journey in an intimate and loving way. I photographed their surprise engagement session several years ago, and was more than thrilled to photograph their love, intimacy and connection with one another as they celebrated having a baby together (who is now the cutest, chunkiest, adorable, makes you want to squish their cheeks…. okay, getting distracted, let me get back to the story…….).

They were both nervous going into their couples maternity boudoir session (getting naked in front of a camera isn’t easy, even if you’re doing it with your wife), but they decided to step outside of their comfort zone, do something a little risky, and relax and enjoy the overall boudoir experience, knowing they were in good hands.

They had an amazing emotional connection, as you can see from their photos below. And the best part for me was watching them see their reaction to the photos from their boudoir session during their portrait reveal appointment. I asked them which photo was their favorite, and they couldn’t decide. But they were drawn to several… ”the ones that just get me in the guts are the ones that just nail a look or a feeling that makes us US.”

Here is what both of them had to say about their experience:

We’re so happy we went for it, the photo book is beautiful and the photos just get more and more special to us as time goes by. If you’re toying with the idea [of a couples boudoir session], just throw caution to the wind and book it. You’ll treasure these photos forever AND you’ll have the memory of the photo shoot to giggle and reconnect about. Plus you’ll be proud of yourselves and know you’re way cooler than your friends who don’t have the guts (hint: it doesn’t hurt I promise, it’s fun!).”

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