Come Hither Looks and Bedroom Eyes


Come Hither Looks

Now that we understand that confidence comes from the eyes, its important to show how approachability can manifest from the cues of the mouth. When we pair cues from your mouth with the cues of your eyes we can create a complete facial cluster. To put this into context you can nail the cue with your eyes but fail with your mouth and have cluster come across as bitchy. Not ideal…

For boudoir I’m personally not a fan of the full on smile a lot of women think they want in their final photos. The reason for this is that full toothy smiles also scrunch your skin in ways that accentuate wrinkles.

Crows feet, puffy cheeks, bags under the eyes , etc. are all accentuated with big smiles. It is for this reason most national beauty campaigns primarily use more subtle expressions.

It’s also easy to see this technique on full display at the red carpet of name your favorite awards show. Professional models and actors also understand these principals and utilize these techniques to appear more youthful in photos.

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