Capturing Intimate and Connection between Couples


Sometimes I want to pinch myself, I’m so thrilled. Why? As a couples boudoir photographer I have the opportunity to give couples a tangible reminder of the passion, love and intimacy they’ve built with each other. Even better? I recently had the opportunity to share my love of all things couples boudoir photography in Las Vegas this past February, 2020, at a boudoir event organized by Do More Photographers, the leading educational online platform for intimate lifestyle photographers organized and lead by longtime expert boudoir photographers Brianna and Ewan Phelan.

Over several days, I had the opportunity to lead two shootouts sharing my advice on capturing connection and intimacy in relationships. My take on intimate couples portraits is a little different than the norm. I’m focused less about getting portraits with the “perfect pose” or the “correct angle”, putting more emphasis on portraying the unique closeness and affection between couples. My goal is to provide couples with a gallery of portraits in which they can see their relationship reflected back at them in the best light. When a couple says, “this is so us!” after viewing their gallery, I know I’ve done my job. 

 During each Las Vegas shootout, I covered getting couples prepared prior to the couples boudoir session, tips and tricks for getting couples to relax in front of the camera, setting boundaries before the session, what I use to get emotion out of couples during the session, and we also do a live shoot. 

 The first shootout I photographed Taylor and Mitch, a Las Vegas local couple and my friends, who agreed to be intimate and get naked in front of a group of 13 boudoir photographers! Not an easy feet, but they did an amazing job, and were able to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera allowing students to get some truly beautiful moments of them interacting with each other.

 The images I’ve shared below are from the before the first shootout (I had them come early to get comfortable and do some test shots before my students arrived), during the shootout, and then after the shootout where I had the opportunity to photograph them one-on-one, where we turned up the heat and let it burn.

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