Why Sexualization of Breasts is Still Prominent


Now for the biggest question of all, why is it that a woman’s breasts are sexualized? 

One of the biggest and saddest reasons is that sex sells. Everywhere you look, on television, in magazines, and in movies, you’ll see sexual depictions of breasts. Breasts have become the sexual commodities that attract everyone’s attention. This caused the companies who can find profit from it will shamelessly use this tactic to bring in sales. 

Another heartbreaking truth is that many of our societies are deeply rooted in patriarchy. Patriarchy in our case is the system where men hold the power and women are inferior. This leads to men treating women as objects, and they are discriminated against and denied their opinions. Seeing women as objects make sexualizing them, in general, common and easy. The reason is that men may see them as sexual objects and not for the people they are. 

Some people turn to social media for things like daily news, a place to belong, and comfort. This place, however, isn’t as pretty as it seems. Girls who try and post some of their pictures on social media may experience slut-shaming when they wear skimpy clothing. This leads to the misconception that it’s okay to demean girls and treat them like sluts on social media, which in turn sexualizes them.

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