Terrible Light and Bad Perceptions


Most simply put, it took a camera and some good light for me to change the way I saw myself, which is THE SAME THING I tell all of my clients I will do for them!

So when you say you don’t know if you can step in front of the camera, and you’re worried about what you’re going to look like in the final photos. Trust me I get it… Again.

I Can Do Better!

I still need to capture a few more pictures as I feel we didn’t get good shots of my latissimus or tricep development before my wife called it quits for the evening. Once I get those and capture better images of my lower body and back I should have a good updated idea of what my body actually looks like so I can most precisely see what I need to work on moving forward.

For instance after seeing these photos and being overall happy with my progress, I notice that my bicep development could use some improvement (specifically the anterior side). This is a good thing to know because now I know what exercises I need to do more of to improve!

By identifying my own weaknesses and making them stronger, I’m always hopeful that I’ll be just a little better than I was yesterday, and proud of what I’ve accomplished over time.

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