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Chris’s recent session grew into a bit of a hybrid shoot; what began as a solo Speakeasy session evolved into a Couples Boudoir session when her partner and support person decided to jump up from the sidelines and join her. 

“When I mentioned I was doing a speakeasy session, I asked him to come along as my support person, he agreed. Somewhere along the way we went from me doing a solo session to doing a solo session with a few couple photos to a full-on couples session that turned from speakeasy to boudoir,” says Chris. 

“He is easy going and open to try new things,” one thing she loves about her partner, who she met one unsuspecting night when she wasn’t even looking for a relationship. 

Chris is a mother to a beautiful daughter and a grandmother to the most who she calls “the most amazing 8-year-old grandson.” When she’s not working (she spends her days helping facilitate faculty research grants) she enjoys traveling, reading, and watching her grandson play sports.

Though she has no problem doling out the compliments about her loved ones, Chris has a trickier time acknowledging the good in herself.

“I’ve always been insecure about the way I looked and find it difficult to talk about myself. I find it easier to see beauty in everyone but myself. I jumped on the chance to do a session with Allebach since they bring out everyone’s inner and outer beauty and I wanted to see that in me,” she said, adding that she’s always had a fascination with the Roaring Twenties and took that as another sign to take the leap. 

“My biggest fears were not looking sexy and being too old to do the session. My 52-year-old body is not the same as having a 20-year-old body. I don’t look at myself and see a sexy person. My partner, although a natural extrovert, was not sure about being in front of the camera. He was more comfortable in the couples photos than solo,” she continued. 

When the day of their session arrived, Chris brought along more than just her partner and accessories`, she brought all her emotions, both excitement and nervous doubt. 

“I couldn’t believe the day was finally here but still had the fear of not looking sexy in the pictures. I kept thinking, ‘what if there are no good pictures?’”

But those doubts left her mind from the moment she stepped into her dress after hair and makeup. 

“I had a dress, some jewelry, gloves, two pairs of shoes, and some very sexy underwear. I did wear the gold beaded shawl that was in the studio, and it was gorgeous. The transformation of how I felt was shocking. I went from not feeling sexy enough to I totally own this. Somewhere inside of me was a sexy side I never saw before until I got in front of the camera. I’m always laughing and smiling but during my session I nailed sultry. Also, I was surprised at how at home I felt regardless of what I was wearing or later in the session, not wearing.”

She added, “It made me feel as if I was the most beautiful, sexiest person in the world.”

And Chris received another surprise, one that left her in complete shock, when she actually got to see her photos later that same day. 

“I asked if that was really me. My worry of not having any good pictures disappeared when I saw the first image. I loved that Mike captured so many sides of our relationship. From the natural laughter to the intimate passion we share and everything in between. All of it was amazing.”

Chris says she has way more confidence in her looks now and urges others to try the experience!

“Just do it. Don’t be afraid. In your eyes you will never be perfect enough to book a session but you will look absolutely perfect in the photos. After the nerves are gone, it is a super fun time. You will never look at yourself in the same light.”

And, she added, “If you are booking a couples session, having pictures of how your lover looks at you is priceless.”Couples Boudoir? Speakeasy Session? Not sure which one’s right for you? Give us a call so we can chat about your options! Call Allebach Photography at 610.539.6920 or visit http://allebachphotography.com/contact/ for your free consultation.

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