Best of Broad: Claudette High Waist Briefs & Inspiration Vintage


Best of Broad: Claudette High Waist Briefs & Inspiration Vintage

Best of Broad is a series of love letters to our favourite bras, undies, and more. This installment was written by our newest Broad (and excellent fitter!) Terry Perusse.

high waist brief

Claudette high waist brief in Coral, from Inspiration Vintage

I got the feeling a few years ago that the classic high waist brief was being abandoned for skimpier models like thongs and teeny bikinis. The only source for high waist briefs seemed to be the department store, where limp, pastel cotton lumps emerged from bags in groups of three or four to hang, discouraged and dispirited, from the waists of wearers. “Is that it?” we said, “Are droopy granny panties the only choice we have?” Well, Broad heard those sighs of woe and collaborated with Inspiration Vintage on the Claudette: in my opinion, a near perfect high waist brief.

Made in Toronto, just for us!

Inspiration Vintage is a small Toronto business, where artisan Renee Soles brings years of experience in the textile biz to the manufacture of her lovely undies and bralettes. Renee offers exclusive models to select stores – and naturally Broad loves finding special selections for our special clientele. We wanted comfort and a vintage look but with modern fabrics. Once the design was worked out, we chose the colours, decoration and trim and then away Renee went, returning later with her lovely garments. It’s a little like having our own special undies elf.

Claudette in Raspberry — just in time for Valentine’s Day!

All of the comfort, none of the droop.

These high-waisted briefs are not NOT your granny’s panties. (Unless your granny has fabulous taste.) Claudette comes in multiple colours, all made of softest cotton and/or bamboo with just a hint of lycra to prevent that awful droop of yore. They’re available in small to 1X, and at $34 are incredible value for such lovely quality. Shavaun and I — and a few clients who will go unnamed — are replacing all our basics with Claudettes,  and I can’t wait until the summer when their soft, skin-friendly qualities will be even more appreciated.

Love your undies, and they’ll love you back.

I wash my Claudette briefs the same way I wash my bras: by hand, in the sink with Soak, and then hang to dry. The label recommends delicate wash — which could include a machine — but hang to dry. Remember, the dryer is evil. Say it after me, people: the dryer is evil. Lint represents the life force of your clothes slowly ebbing away. Okay, I exaggerate SLIGHTLY. But keeping your bras and undies out of the dryer will add untold months or even years of wear to their lifespan.

Needless to say, we will continue to offer lots of different briefs and undies to match our bras or for everyday. From sheer and barely there to sturdier shapewear, you can find what you want at Broad.

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