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Erotic Boudoir Photography is a beautiful form of art that allows you to express and explore your sensuality in a professional, sex positive environment. The focus of erotica boudoir is about you, making you feel amazing about yourself, and creating an environment where you are able to explore your sensuality and see yourself in a new light.


What is Erotic Boudoir Photography?


A couple lies on a bed in their underwear during an erotic photo session with LeZandra Photography.


There are so many aspects to erotic boudoir photography, that it can be difficult to sum it altogether into a box. Like boudoir photography, erotica is totally up to you to define. What is your idea of erotica? Is it solo masturbation with a sex toy or is it a bondage session in our Kink Room? Perhaps, you and your partner want the experience of a couples erotica boudoir session?

Erotic boudoir photography takes the traditional boudoir photography session up a notch. I love to help empower women by guiding them through exploring their sensuality. During an erotic boudoir session you are exploring your sexuality as well.


How Wild Can Your Erotica Session Get?


A couple lies on a bed nude while embracing each other with their legs intertwined during an erotic boudoir photo shoot with LeZandra Photography.


As wild as you want! I encourage you to be you. Incorporate the things that you love into your photo shoot. Bring your favorite adult toy or bring your entire toy collection. Our Kink Room is amazing for erotic photo shoots! And our St. Andrew’s Cross is perfect for photographing bondage play.

Comfort & Consent

I feel very strongly about comfort and consent. It is so important to me that you are comfortable during your sessions. We begin this process before we ever even meet! Before your session, you will receive questionnaires and forms to fill out. These help me to better understand your boundaries and limitations. I will also discuss my boundaries and limitations with you. While I do encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone by having an erotic boudoir photography session, you are always in the drivers seat during your photo shoot. I will always respect your boundaries and honor your limits.


Why do you need Erotic Boudoir Photography?


An interracial couple share an intimate moment during an erotic boudoir couples photoshoot with LeZandra Photography.


Your sexuality extends beyond the bedroom. It’s the way you dress yourself in the morning. The way you speak up for your needs. It’s your body image and your right to advocate for yourself. It’s the messages you share to your sons and daughters, friends, and coworkers on how they should treat you.

Our sexual identity is infused to so much of who we are, and understanding that on your OWN terms is powerful.

Some clients choose solo erotica sessions to reclaim their sexuality after experiencing trauma. Others do it to see themselves in a sexual light, because they struggle to see it on their own.⁠

Our couples find that the sessions are a DEEPLY connecting experience. I have so many tools in my sensual toolbox to help couples rediscover new ways to express themselves sexually.⁠

Erotic Boudoir Is a Deeply Personal Experience for ALL Involved


A male performs oral sex on his partner while she lies on her back during an erotica photoshoot with LeZandra Photography


I started shooting Erotica seven years ago and it has been so incredible to see just how profound of an impact that expressing one’s truest sexual self can have.⁠

Our studio is an inclusive, sex positive, diversity loving space. We don’t judge. We are here to provide you with a place to understand, connect with, and express your sexual self in a supportive and guided environment.

I have previously spoken about the benefits of sex positivity and creating a sex positive environment where you feel safe and comfortable to express yourself means a lot to me. Are you ready to explore erotic boudoir photography? Contact me for more information!


LeZandra is an Erotica and Boudoir Photographer located in Norfolk, Virginia. In her Hampton Roads Boudoir Studio, she empowers her clients to OWN their sexuality through intimate portraiture. With a boudoir studio based in Norfolk, VA and a “have camera, will travel” desire to see the world, LeZandra serves clients in Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, Richmond, Washington DC, San Francisco and beyond!



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