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Swimsuits for Bigger Boobs

By Terry Perusse.

Let’s admit it: shopping for swimwear is not everyone’s idea of a fun time. Comfortable, pretty swimsuits for those of us with bigger boobs are even tougher to find. How much swimwear have you tried on that causes your beautiful big boobs to sag, droop, bulge over the top or pop out the side? All the while a salesperson assures you that’s the best they can do. They are, to be kind, WRONG. Great swimsuits for bigger boobs do exist! We know. We are you.

Buy Your Swimsuit Where You Buy Your Bras

swimsuits for bigger boobs

Elomi Paradise Palm bikini

Anyone with a sewing machine can pop out an elasticated tube with straps and call it a bathing suit. Not good enough for us at Broad. We demand swimwear designed and made by the same skilled people who make our bras. The best swimsuits for bigger boobs are based on bra sizing, and structured with underwire. So if you wear a 38GG (UK) in bras, that is where you start with swim.The designers for bra companies bring all their technical know-how to make suits that are beautiful and supportive. When the girls look upstanding and fabulous, so do you. And you know it.

Now, there’s a price to pay for quality and skill of manufacture. For one-piece or tankinis $170-220 CAD is about average. We do not carry $750 designer swimsuits that can’t go in the water. (Really. That’s a thing!) Buy swimwear at Broad and you can swim in it. It won’t fall apart, droop or shed spangles. Take care of your suit to make it last. Use those beach and poolside shower stalls for a quick rinse when you leave the water and then do the same thing we advise for bras: Wash by hand in Soak (or another mild detergent) after every wearing. Just include extra rinsing before washing to remove any remaining chlorine or salt. Your suit will thank you for it.

One-piece, Tankini, or Bikini?

swimsuits for bigger boobs

Freya Sundance tankini

Once you find a swimsuit that fits, you can wear whatever style you darn well please. Adjustable straps and a built-in bra let you move as fast as you need for toddler chasing or snorkelling. The bra-fitted one-piece is the classic updated by textile tech. Hate your tummy: ruching. Take advantage of the design’s waist control and show off that hourglass. A well made two-piece should give you the same level of confidence. Good tankinis accommodate the most marvelous range of bodies by fitting different sizes top and bottom, as needed. And with a properly fitted bikini top you can raise your arms and jump for volleyball with no underboob popping out. There are matching bottoms ranging across styles from teeny to waist-high. No such thing as “I can’t wear a two-piece”. Go for it.

Remember: you’re not the only one on the beach who has given birth, or who believes planks ought to be walked by pirates and not done as exercise. Drink that daiquiri. Have fun. It’s your body. You earned it. Enjoy it.

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