Remember that Sports Bar? Yeah, It’s Open!


Not too long ago I wrote an article on the sports bar, named Sports Bra, that was planning to open in April.

Well, good news! The bar is officially opening on Friday, 1st of April, no this is not a prank! 

Image from list23

Despite not being open yet, the Sports Bra is always playing women’s sports on TV. It was gymnastics and basketball on Thursday. On Friday, the two Final Four basketball games, and on Saturday, they will be airing a soccer match featuring the Portland Thorns, and a livestream of an Oregon Ravens football game. 

According to Nguyen, the founder of this sports bar, when the Sports Bra opens for the public on Friday it may be the only women’s sports bar in the world. She does hope that it won’t be that way for long. 

Nguyen calls her staff “the best staff on the face of the earth.” The “village” that helped Nguyen make her dream possible include her cousin who helped paint a mural on one of the walls, and the girls from Girls Build that made all the green tables of her bar. 

Nguyen is prepared for anything when the doors open at 11am on Friday, seeing the good and enthusiastic responses, she knows that there will be a large crowd waiting on opening day, and somewhere in the world, there’s a sports bar where you don’t have to specially request them to play women’s sports.

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