Oklahoma City Intimate Lifestyle Portrait


This was Riza’s second time to step in front of my camera for a boudoir session, and I know it was going to be even better than the first boudoir session she did with me back in 2018. For this second time, Riza was up for anything. She was ready to shed her inhibitions and push past her comfort zones, while also knowing she was in safe hands with me.

Even though it was her second boudoir experience, she was still nervous at the beginning of her session. Those initial butterflies are completely normal and expected. But after giving her direct and coaching her through the first couple of poses, I saw her visibly start to relax and start to let go and trust the process.

You can see the result of her letting go and allowing herself to shine bright in the photos below, as well as read about her second boudoir experience with Intimate Lens Studio.

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