Femme Rituals Valentines Date Night Box!


It’s time to set out your boudoir album, light some candles, and indulge in a night of romance with your partner! Let’s face it, not everyone is great at creating romantic moments. Take control of your Valentine’s Day and drop a hint to your partner! It’s okay to voice what you really want, so let us help you put the perfect night together! Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, light some candles, grab your album, and set the mood right for an incredible evening at home with our Valentine’s Date Night Box!

Take a peek at what’s included in our Date Night Box…

Vesper Rose Gold Vibrator

Both an aesthetic piece of jewelry and a high-quality clitoral vibrator with uncompromising functionality. Vesper is made from stainless steel with nickel-free plating including a 26″ chain. The necklace is removable so it can remain at home as an elegant vibe by the bedside.

Champagne Stemware – Set of 2

Cheers to romance! Elevate your celebration with elegant stemware.

Pusoma Bath Soak

Heat things up in the bathroom with a steamy bath soak. Botanical aromatherapy opens your senses while relaxing your body and mind.

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