Beach Boudoir Photo Shoot | Daly City, Ca


In my experience most of us don’t know what we actually look like because we typically only see ourselves naked in front of the bathroom mirror under shitty light and bad angles. This less than ideal image of ourselves is what we think of when referring to our residual self-image. In other words, we tend to have a poorer self image when we regularly see ourselves in less than ideal circumstances.

Getting to see yourself under great lighting and at good angles is a total game changer in how you perceive yourself. Even if you’ve not made profound physical changes to your body like Miss A, Just seeing yourself with good light and at good angles can dramatically change the way you see yourself. I can’t even imagine how profound it must have been for her to see herself and have to recalibrate her brain for her new body!

Boudoir photos in her home | Daly City

We started her session in her home with plans to end the session at sunset on the beach near her house. While fancy locations are cool, I also very much love photographing women in their homes. Most like the familiarity of doing a session in their own space especially if they’re nervous about their session. I also really love the challenge of trying to create amazing photos in a space I’ve never seen before.

In the case of Miss A, she had fairly recently moved into her boyfriends house, and he had a fantastic area in the dining room with a bank of windows and an amazing view of the ocean. As a bonus, the windows were also facing the sun for some fantastic strong light opportunities.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this space was the props he had lined up along the window. He is a fire fighter and is also very into motorcycles. The windows were lined with motorcycle engines and fire fighting paraphernalia. Ummm yes please!

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