The Best sex toy I have ever bought & here’s why… — The Boudoir Studio


As all of you know I am in school to be a sexologist. All about sex, orgasms, relationships and all the in between is beng presented and taught to me in such remarkable ways. Its actually a little overwhelming. But in a great way I have never felt so informed about my body and my partners and our sensual life together.

So when I reached the course in school all about the Gspot and female orgasms and female ejaculation I was a little weary I am not judgemental or closeminded about anything truly but I myself had never experienced the later and had never really desired too.

But heres to the important part, the course had us watch this film about couples and gspots and female ejaculation. It was up close and personal, don’t think they could have gotten any closer to that vagina without getting the camera wet actually. hahah. But it helped me see the vagina and myself in a new way and understand my anatomy better.
This whole film most of the coupels used this one toy ( not the same one , atleast I hope ) and I was mesmerized in how effeciant it was without all the fancy bells and whistles and how small slow movements did more than big rough movements did. Anyway after watching all these women have crazy intense orgasms that literally made them squirt or just cum super fucking hard it took me about .02 seconds to be online buying myself one of those toys.

Of course I told my girls about this magical piece of knowledge and buying of this toy and waited for its arrival. This toy , ladies this toy literally is magic . its like a magic freaking wand I dunnno how else to descirbe it. Its hooked so it caresses your gspot right inside your vagina and strokes right down the body of the gspot inside the vagina which than builds with pressure and flluid and with thought can make you squirt if you so desire.
Its magical absolutely magical but its definitely a mindset to get into and past & like with all things takes practice. My orgasms are the best I have ever experienced and not just with the toy but with any intercourse because of the understanding of the gspot and control!

So without further do heres the link to the bad boy

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