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The best places to hang your boudoir photos

Many women are openly uncomfortable about the idea of hanging their boudoir photos in their home. This is for a good reason because when done un-artfully, boudoir wall prints can look trashy or tacky.

When done well though, they can be strikingly beautiful, fine art centerpieces where you are the featured subject, even if no ones knows it!

So what’s the difference between prints that look artful and those that come off as trashy? Part of it is about what prints you choose to display. Bodyscapes and other anonymous images tend to work best and are the safe choice.

The other major contributing factor is where in you home you decide to hang the images you choose. The easiest places to hang your boudoir photos that won’t come off as trashy are:

  • The bathroom

  • The master bedroom

  • His man cave

  • His garage/work area

The Bathroom

You’ll notice really fancy places that have any nude art in them almost always display something in the bathroom.

Since this is an area where people tend to remove their clothes for bathing and such, it seems to be an almost universally accepted area where nude art won’t feel out of place or over the top (even to more socially conservative people).

For those that feel extra shy about hanging their photos, the master bathroom is perhaps the easiest place to start. If you don’t like the idea of hanging them here, you probably won’t like the idea of displaying them anywhere.

The private nature of bathrooms combined with the cultural acceptance of nude art in them, makes the master bathroom in particular the easiest place to display your photos tastefully.

Bathrooms with detached sink areas are the best place hang your framed prints. High moisture areas (like bathrooms with showers) are a poor place to put framed prints due to how the humidity will affect the paper prints and mats.

Choose a metal print instead of a framed print if your bathroom has a tub or shower in it. Metal prints are printed on aluminum and can withstand the punishment of a high humidity areas (like a bathroom with a shower).

The Master Bedroom

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