Sonoma County Boudoir Photographer


My name is Jason Guy and I am a Sonoma County boudoir photographer. My goal is to produce tastefully sexy photos of the highest quality for all women at any stage of their fitness journey.

Whether you’re just starting your journey into self care or have been practicing for years, day to day most of us never get to see ourselves at good angles and under great lighting. So even though we’re putting in all the hard work in between our busy lives, it’s entirely possible (dare I say likely) that you don’t fully appreciate just how beautiful you actually are!

Keenly aware that women are often overly critical of their self image, my goal is to help you change your perception of yourself. The way I do this is by showing you what you actually look like when expertly posed under great lighting and from your best angles. Oh and did I mention that you’ll also be professionally made over by one of my hand selected hair and makeup artists?

If you’re nervous that you won’t know how to pose or that you’ll look awkward in front of the camera, worry not! Odds are, if you love the boudoir photos I show in my portfolio, you’ll likely LOVE the images I’ll create for you!

In the end, you can expect to walk away with your head held higher and some tastefully sexy photos to remind yourself just how beautiful you actually are!

If you’re not quite ready to do a boudoir photoshoot yet, consider booking a portrait photoshoot with me first, and see how it goes!

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