Miss R: Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Photographer


I’m not sure why this session has been so difficult for me to blog. The day was nothing short of magical.

When I look back at this time, it’s so crazy to imagine how much life has changed since then.
Miss R’s session was one that will forever go down as a favorite because it empowered me just as much as it inspired greater self love in her.
Miss R drove down from Richmond with her friend Miss M (a two time boudie vet) for her session.
Personally, I was going through a bit of a huge life change. I had finally gathered the courage and strength to leave an abusive relationship that has spanned half my life. I was raw, to say the least. I was filled with concern and worry for the future in every sense. Self doubt was at an all time high, and my confidence in myself had never been lower.
In walked Miss R, with an energy that radiates so much positivity that it could fill the room.
She was glowing as bright as her adorable pink hair.
What I love most about her is the love that she gives so freely to others. She is a girls girl. She champions her fellow women and works to uplift them and support them. She is fearless and bold. She is intelligent and witty as hell.
She is a part of what I lovingly call my “Richmond Girl Gang”. I have been honored to photograph several of the women of this squad (a couple I have photographed more than once!) and I am always in for a good time when they come. They are undoubtedly some of the most inspiring, refreshing, and confident women I have ever met!
This group of women have been friends for years and they make it a point to celebrate their sisters through their highs and lows. They have held strong through major life changes and all seem to do so while having the most fun.
Miss R inspired me through my own difficult life transition. She reminded me of feminine strength and power. She encouraged me to take no shit and give no fucks. She made me feel like a damn goddess during her session. Wait…wasn’t that my job?!
Her session was filled with bourbon drinking, sensual music, and a ton of laughs and “Whoa!!!!’s” when we saw the back of the camera. It was as though I was getting together with old girlfriends and creating magic.
She has the most incredible energy and she inspired me so damn much. Her session is one I come back to very often, not just because I love the images, but because I love her soul so much.
As a boudoir photographer, it’s my job to inspire confidence in other women. But you ladies serve as such an inspiration to me.
I have always felt that some people come into your life when you need them the most. Miss R was the perfect example of that for me.
It was so fitting that her session was the first of our Fire sessions.
She set fire to the small ember of creativity that I was trying so desperately to preserve. She ignited a flame of passion and drive that I needed so much at that point in my life.

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