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To sleep, or not to sleep in sleepwear? That was the question I floated by my marketing team recently as the topic for my next Talk. Well, a rather spirited discussion broke out. Almost everyone had a mortifying tale to tell about a “friend” getting caught sans sleepwear. Here are just a few that were shared:

  • She will never sleep naked again after waking up and finding a dead spider between her thighs.
  • He had worked a night shift and turned on the house alarm but did not fully close the front door. He awoke to 2 female officers, guns pointing, demanding to see his ID. His wallet was on the dresser, so he was forced to get out of bed naked to show them.
  • Builders were outside on scaffolding when she arose and opened her curtains.
  • He chased an intruder down the stairs, through the kitchen, and out the front door. The firemen arrived to find him running around in his front yard naked with a garden hose.
  • While at a hotel, she sleepwalked out her door and into the hallway. She awoke to the sound of the elevator arriving. The doors opened, and all that was visible was an outstretched hand holding a key card.

Do you? Or don’t you? I don’t need to know. But I was intrigued. So, I went looking and found the results of a survey done this year with 1,015 respondents about their sleeping habits. It was sponsored by the mattress industry. Surprisingly, it found that more than half of us are very comfortable regularly sleeping in the nude (nearly 60% of men and almost 56% of women). Not surprisingly, the millennials came in higher at almost 65%, whereas the Baby Boomers claimed only a modest 39%. And there were two dominant reasons given for converting from nude to clothed. Can you guess? They had either experienced the embarrassment of being walked in on, or had been bitten by a bug!

Full vs. Partial Sleepwear

Another interesting fact from this survey was that when we wear something to bed, 69% choose partial clothing while 31% choose to be fully clothed.

For men, wearing partial sleepwear is sort of obvious. Men will simply sleep in boxers, boxer briefs, a roomy t-shirt, or a pair of pajama pants.

For women, wearing partial sleepwear more often means a wireless bralette-style bra, sleep bra, tank top or camisole with a panty. But it can also mean an oversized t-shirt too.

Both men and women who prefer to sleep in fully covered clothing like pajamas or a nightgown also had good reasons. For men it was to avoid having sheets rubbing on them. For women it was the desire to feel warm. And both agreed on another common reason; they wanted the ability to act fast in case of an emergency.

Pajamas & Nightgowns

Fun Prints – Over the last few years, sleepwear prints have become super cute. This year is no exception with sports, pets, flowers, Snoopy themes, and more.

Cotton – Sleepwear with cotton is always a winner if breathability and moisture absorption are what you’re looking for. Cotton is great for warmth and great for cooling too.

Stretch – Just like jeans, sleepwear, too, is made with some built-in stretch to provide a little more give and comfort. And, of course, any sleepwear made in a knit will stretch as well.

Gowns with Sleeves – The number one reason women wear sleepwear is to stay warm. Having some type of sleeve or shoulder covering is, therefore, very important to many of you.

Sleep Shirts – This silhouette was the most commonly called-out item worn by women claiming to go to bed only partially clothed.

Pretty & Frisky – Many of us like to feel pretty and feminine when getting into bed. This is where the slip or chemise style comes in. Many are cut on the bias for stretch and come with a matching robe.

Granny Gowns – NOT!

The old stigma that big fully covering nightgowns are reserved only for octogenarians is gone. For warmth, comfort, modesty and dorm-lounging, there is nothing better, and millennials are jumping on this look.

Travel Sets – It’s always nice to travel with a matching gown and bathrobe set. I personally have one that lives in my suitcase. There is nothing better than feeling put-together when letting in room service. And, the set can double as a lounging outfit.

Robes & Slippers

I remember my mom making sure all of us had nice robes and slippers come Christmas morning. And, looking back on family Christmas photos, I now see why. If you or a loved one is in the market, we have some fabulous fun robes and really cute slippers in all kinds of colors to consider.

Sleepwear has become a fashion category with all types of options. You can, therefore, have many looks from boxy to pixy to minxy. You get to pick how you look and what makes you comfortable even in your sleep.

Some Final Thoughts…

Everything’s better in pajamas. That why they’re the perfect gift for everyone on your list! I’m excited to show you a few of my favorites – especially my cozy robe and fuzzy slipper picks which are the accessories that elevate all sleepwear. Here’s to easy, happy holiday shopping!


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*** Of the total 1,015 participants, 54 percent identified as male and 46 percent as female. Respondents varied in age from 18 to 76 with an average of 35 years old and a standard deviation of 11.1. The main limitation of this project is that the claims solely rely on anecdotal evidence and have not been tested for statistical significance.

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