Wow, I am so honored you want to feature me and the incredible images you took!!

Not to get into too much detail, in July 2018 I moved to Oklahoma with my two kids to start a new life for us. I have a very supportive sister and brother in law who allowed us to stay with them until I could get my feet back on the ground. I joined a dating website, but not really wanting to date, more for meeting people to have friends in a new state. That’s not easy to do when you work full time and have two young children. After almost 6 months my paid membership was about to expire so I logged on in order to cancel. Little did I know I would meet my future husband that day. He was only logged on to cancel his membership that day too! We ended up messaging back and forth that day, he had said he saw my profile before but didn’t figure I would ever talk to him. We exchanged cell phone numbers and continued to text the rest of that day. I called him on my way home from work that very same day and we decided to meet in person in 4 days. We had our first in person date and the rest was history! We have now been married for 8 months.

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