After Dark Couples Boudoir Session: Virginia Boudoir Photographer


I came back from WPPI ready to shake things up. I have photographed After Dark sessions in my old studio, but I had not been able to play around in our new Granby spot.

During our After Dark Boudoir Sessions we turn off all the lights and create a sensual dark ambiance with the candle light.

Our Norfolk Studio normally has a dark and moody vibe, which is perfect for my style of boudoir. I love to work with the shadows to create shapes and highlight my client’s favorite attributes. 

This was my first time photographing a couple by candle and I could not be more pleased with the results!


A Couples Boudoir Experience is an exciting way to connect


Something about turning the lights down just seems to release the inhibitions. I know I am not the only one who feels more comfortable in sexy lighting. When you feel sexy, this confidence just oozes out of you! 

I love the way the light just wraps around them as they escape into their own world.

A couples boudoir experience in our Norfolk, Virginia Boudoir studio is a sensual escape from the ordinary


Something about being able to plan and intentionally set a date to have your passion documented just helps create excitement around the experience!

While the concept of having such an intimate experience documented by another may feel intimidating, I work to create an environment in which you and your partner forget about time and space and focus solely on each other and the experience you are sharing. 

Boudoir CAN Help With Connection

Let me show you just how amazing a boudoir experience with me can be! And if you need more convincing, join our Babe Cave and ask my previous clients themselves. I can’t wait to show you how boudoir photography can help you create a great sense of intimacy and connection with your person!



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