How to lean out the right way for your boudoir photo shoot


By doing this you can record how much protein you consume for the day and compare with your protein target.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian I highly recommend you work with a nutritionist to better understand how best to approach your protein intake. This is because for non-meat eaters, protein becomes harder to figure out as you’ll have to mix and match different plant sources to get a complete amino acid profile in your diet.

If you don’t consume a complete amino acid profile, you can expect inferior results and negative health consequences. My understanding is that there are a few things such as: Omega-3, Vitamin b12, and Calcium that most non-meat eaters would greatly benefit from supplementing.

Tips for eating enough protein

Regardless of whatever diet you choose, eating this much protein might feel like an impossible task until you fully embrace the idea of meal prep. I personally cook my protein in bulk about twice a week to make sure I always have enough on hand without having to cook for every meal. 

If you’re having trouble consuming your protein target, you can boost your protein intake with a quality whey protein isolate. This is the one I use, but there are lots of great brands out there if you’d like to try something different.

To accurately account for your macros it’s a good idea to try and eat out as little as possible as this makes tracking your macros very difficult. The reason for this is because it’s impossible to know how the cook prepared your food. Restaurant food often has a lot of extra fat calories to make it taste yummy but this will come at the expense of your goals.

Likewise, you should rarely eat things from packages, and when you do, read the ingredient list so you understand what’s you’re putting into your body.

Whenever possible it’s always best to consume single ingredient foods like an egg, soy or fish. Things like chips, pre-prepared meals, and dips have multiple ingredient lists and should be consumed with caution.

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