What to Expect During a Couples Boudoir Session


Be prepared to need to take some time to rest after your session. To some, it might not feel like work, but a lot of energy goes into the process. Allow you and your partner some time to recharge. Approximately two weeks after your couples boudoir session, we will have your reveal and purchasing appoint where we will go over your photos and you and your partner can pick out the ones you love. My preferences may be different than yours, so again, we will strive for an open dialogue to help you and your partner select the photos that you feel great about. 

             There you have it. A kind of “couples boudoir photo session skeleton”. Keep in mind, every couples session is different, so if you feel like straying from the norm, go for it! I provide my clients with general structure so that we have the option to stray from it as and when needed. The goal is to make the experience special for you and your partner, so know that I have a plan, but that plan is not set in stone.  Keep an open mind, and the rest will fall into place. 

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