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I was recently watching an award show with the typical format: The winner is announced. Their table stands to congratulate them. The winner turns to walk towards the stage. Now, being in the undergarment biz, it’s during the winner’s walk that I’ll scan the background crowd because time and time again, I’ll see starlets, thinking they’re out of camera shot, suddenly grab their strapless gowns by the underarms and struggle to hoist them back into position before sitting down. Never a very attractive move.

Wearing something strapless doesn’t have to be a constant tug-of-war. Getting the right fit and style in a strapless bra guarantees a fuss-free strapless evening.

The Strapless Bra Myth

No, no, NO! You do not need to change your bra size when you buy a strapless bra. Bra manufacturers are smart, so their strapless bras are made in the proper size to fit your bra size. So… if that strapless bra in your normal bra size does not fit correctly, there is a high probability your normal bra size is also not correct. In fact, a strapless bra is sort of the ultimate test for finding your true bra size. Without straps, there is no ability for the bra to “cheat” a fit.

It’s All About the Features

Assuming you’re in your correct bra size, you next need to look for the features you want/need in a strapless. Almost all are hidden inside. Want gripper tape? Added elastic? More boning? At HerRoom, we don’t just describe it, we actually show you – and we’re the only site that does! Every strapless bra on our site includes an image showing its inside construction.

Band Boning – I highly recommend you select a strapless bra with side boning. It prevents the sides from collapsing. If you are short-waisted and have issues with the boning coming too high under your arms, be sure to check its length in our Fitter’s Comments. We measure all boning and post its height in our Fitter’s Comments.

Cup Boning – The brands Goddess and Elila (plus-size specialists) both offer strapless products that include vertical boning in the cups as well as up the sides. This added boning gives great forward projection along with added support to prevent slippage. You can find this feature both in strapless and longline styles.

Gripping Silicone – When it comes to silicone being applied along the edges of a strapless, there are many versions. Here are just 2 examples: one with smooth tape along the top and bottom edges, and another with a patterned application. Silicone is a terrific added feature. It helps to keep your strapless from slipping down. However, if you have sensitive skin, it can feel irritating. The good news is we also offer strapless options without silicone on their edges.

Added Elastic – I think it’s always a good idea to study the elastic being used along the wings of a strapless. This, too, is a clue as to its staying power.

Tall Wings – Here’s the bottom line: the taller the band on a strapless bra (and all bras for that matter) the more support, less slippage, increased comfort and smoother appearance you will gain. So, go big!

There is nothing positive about thin backs when it comes to a strapless bra.

Cup Support Panels – To ensure a “front & center” silhouette, a few strapless bras will also include internal, side-support panels.

Cup Padding – There is modesty cup padding in a strapless bra. This works. There is push-up padding in a strapless bra. This, in my experience, doesn’t work.

Multi-Strap Placements – Many strapless bras come with the option to add 1 or 2 straps for added support. This is also called a convertible bra. Several provide multiple tabs along the top edge in front and back to give you a variety of strap location options for a tricky neckline. I like this one due to it having so many.

Neckline Coverage

Necklines vary with strapless gowns, so it’s important to know how much upper-cup coverage you have. This is the reason for our “measured” image and our “See it Under” set of images. They all give you answers. Here’s what I mean:

Longline Strapless

A longline strapless bra is the ultimate solution to prevent slippage and give you some added shaping. But, they are a bit tricky to fit. A manufacturer has to make a few assumptions about a woman’s waistline and hip measurements. Women who are more apple and pear-shaped, therefore, can find their normal bra size in a longline bra does not fit. If you have a high tummy, they can be uncomfortable to wear due to the pressure they exert. If you are short-waisted, long-waisted, petite in height or tall, their proportion may not work for you because most are designed with the assumption a woman is roughly between 5’4” – 5’8” tall.

Here are some fit pointers:

  1. Look at our extensive size charts. On longline bras, we provide the waist measurement the manufacturer is assuming with each band size.
  2. If you move up a band size to get more coverage in your waist, remember that you also need to go down a cup size to maintain your cup volume. So, say you are a 38DD. You would move to a 40D or even a 42C to get more waist room while maintaining your cup size.

This is a short showing of our best-selling longlines:

I personally own several strapless bras. There is no one style that always works for me every time. Not only does my holiday party wardrobe require several different strapless styles, I’m a big proponent of wearing strapless bras under those tricky summer tops too. If you have the right strapless in your correct size, you can comfortably wear it any time of year, all day – and without tugging!

Final Thought

As a little gift, I thought I’d share with my readers a little inside scoop. As an e-commerce site, we are relentlessly approached by marketers offering to place our products in their articles. But… always for a price. In fact, if I pay more, I can even win the top placement in, say, a list of “Top 10 Best Strapless Bras”. So, buyer beware. I no longer trust any list of “top” anything that I see on the Internet – especially if it’s lingerie. The results, unfortunately, are monetarily determined.


Now that you’re in the know, can you spot the strapless fits below that cause these models to tug and squirm to keep them up?


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