Meet Another Everything To Sea Traveler! Tony Lobo


Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of sailing with interesting men from all walks of life, and Tony is no exception. He’s a veterinarian by day, and a Dom, escort, and porn star by night. Tony inspired us with his unique, personal stories while aboard the August 2022 departure. We’d like to highlight Tony in this post as part of our blog series called “Meet Another Everything To Sea Traveler.”

Tony describes himself as a “furry, raw, muscle bear.” During our trip, he shared generously, inviting others to ask him questions about his sex-positive lifestyle. His energy is calm, friendly, and non-judgmental. He meets others with pure acceptance. It was a true pleasure to sail with him.

Here’s what Tony had to say in our interview:

What’s your experience with nudity?

Tony: I consider myself a nudist. I’m always naked at home. I love being naked everywhere – inside, outside. If it were socially acceptable to go to work naked, I probably would. I’m naked on the internet – my body is online, on display for everyone to see. I do sex work and adult videos and what not – so I have no problem being naked.

How do you feel to be naked in a group?

Tony: Relaxed. I feel clothes tend to be very constricting. I just like to be free – for lack of a better term. Relaxation is one of the biggest things that nudity brings to me, it’s a big draw for me. I’m really into body positivity and so having your body laid out there bare for everyone to see, you can’t hide anything. It takes a sort of level of confidence to be able to do that and it’s what I like to foster as well. 

After a couple of moments in a group, you forget you’re naked. In my opinion, it allows you to focus more on the other person, engaging, and really getting to know them. It’s just a different mentality in my opinion. For example, if you’re really attracted to a person, and you’re wondering, what do they look like under their clothes? Well with their clothes off, it’s like, now you know and you can move onto other things. For me, nudity allows me to get to know a person better. 

Did you ever try nude travel experiences before?

Tony: I’ve done vacations to places that have nude beaches. I’ve visited gay men’s campgrounds and nude hiking. That’s mostly what I’ve done as far as trips go. But nothing that was centered around being naked for an experience… nudity was always sort of an afterthought. Most people tend to be naked at the campgrounds, but it’s not necessarily why they’re there. Nudity itself isn’t always the drawing factor. It’s more about coming together with a bunch of men, a retreat-type of thing, away from the city. What Everything To Sea offers is a specific, tailored experience around being naked. Why I was initially drawn to you guys is cause nudity was at the center of your offering. I’d done cruises before – but never like this.

You joined the trip with eight other guys you never met before. Was it uncomfortable for you the first day?

Tony: It wasn’t uncomfortable. I do have some amount of social anxiety, so getting together with a bunch of new people I don’t know is always a little nerve-wracking for me. Initially sitting down and having tea with everybody really helped. I got to talk to people and get to know them – it helped to reduce the anxiety quite a bit. The men’s circle was really cool, I really enjoyed that. Cause I got to have some deep conversations with people I’d otherwise probably never have.

What happened on the trip that you didn’t expect? What surprised you?

Tony: I guess I knew there’d be a dynamic age range between myself and the other passengers on the ship. When there was a generational gap between me and the other passengers, it took me extra time to relate to them about certain things. But that was not necessarily a bad thing!

I knew to expect that the place would be beautiful and exotic, but seeing it in person is much better than in pictures. Words really can’t describe a lot of the stuff that I saw. Especially the “flying foxes” flying overhead. A lot of things that I look back on were really good experiences – I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this in a lot of other places.

What did you feel witnessing the nature?

Tony: I felt awe and wonder. I didn’t expect there to be that many bats – the whole sky was covered in bats and I loved it. It was really cool to see them all come out at night and ascend from the island – fly off in different directions looking for food. The Komodo Dragons were really cool, especially during the time we visited the park – it was apparently mating season. There were a lot more in a concentrated location than there normally would be. I think that was an extra treat where I got to see a lot more of them in action. The ocean’s water was incredibly clear. Marine life was abundant. Everything was just so beautiful down below.

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about joining a trip?

Tony: I’d definitely say to do it. In my opinion, it’s a chance-of-a-lifetime type of trip. I had a great time and so I’m sure other people would as well. It offers very unique experiences.

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