Do These 3 Things For Tasteful Halloween Boudoir Photos


Akin to having cheap lingerie, bad makeup can totally make or break your Halloween Boudoir photos. I personally dislike the trend of the bloody horror style photos that seem to be trendy lately.

For my sessions I keep the makeup classically beautiful, but still dark and dramatic. I much more prefer the evil Disney witch vibes over chainsaw massacre makeup, but to each their own.

Remember that the goal here is to still get tastefully sexy photos. Part of pulling off that look is going to be getting makeup done that will enhance your features rather than diminish them like a horror scene would. 

Whoever you choose to hire for your makeup, make sure you like the work they show in their portfolio. If you want to go against my advice and get SFX makeup for your photoshoot, hiring a talented artist experienced in SFX becomes much more important.

This is because bad makeup will likely compromise your photos. For beauty and simplicity I much prefer dark eyeshadows and eyeliners that will compliment the outfits you select rather than compete with them.

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