Co-Founder and “Chief Inspiration Officer” Dave Muses on Nature


When was the last time you really connected with nature? I’m not talking about naturism – “being naked”. I literally mean nature. Flora and fauna. 

I know, I know… we’re always going off on how great it is “to be naked”. Au naturel. And it is – don’t get me started! But in this post, I’m going to share a stream of consciousness on the nothing-less-than-fucking-amazing natural world.

Think back to the most beautiful sunset that you’ve ever seen. Or the most stupendous display of animal behavior you’ve ever witnessed in your life. Perhaps, an amazing phenomena that you’ve experienced on the planet… like watching waves on a sea. The air, softly flowing over your skin. A stone. The unspeakable beauty of a flower in bloom. An utterly perfect seashell.

Some of us were lucky to know these things from our childhood. Others were fortunate to discover them later in life, as adults. But most people living in technologically-developed societies have inadvertently distanced themselves, and nature’s superlatives have become distant memories. They can even exist in a subconscious realm, if first experienced as an infant. 

And this is where Everything To Sea comes in. Sure, we’re about men connecting. We’re about being naked together and having fun. And we’re about the pure enjoyment of nudity: be it conceptual, visual, or tactile. But on literally every single trip, we hear them: expressions of amazement. Men, overly-emotional – and surprised at their feelings – upon seeing something in the natural world.

We can’t tell you what exactly it will be. What intangible thing will specifically get you going. The photos above are from our trips, and in this blog post, they should serve as springboards to your past experiences – or to your future possibilities. Most things in nature, you have to experience live (personally, I think sunset pictures never do sunsets justice). Some guys react to one thing, others to another.

But come with us. Let us float your boat. Whether it’s movement or stillness, we’re sure about this: our trips have some aspect of nature that’s gonna blow you away. 

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