My boudoir story:

So, Josh was bragging about he had out done himself this Christmas, and I thought I had done pretty well in keeping up with him until I opened my card. Inside was the receipt for my booking, and I almost fell over. I was so excited!!! In the months before, I had been admiring other girls’ pictures and remembered that I had mentioned how I wished I had guts to actually book a shoot. I was surprised and so flattered that he thought to do that for me !!

Then it got real-I got the contract. And I freaked. I’m a pretty private person. I describe myself as the ultimate Facebook creeper, because I almost never post anything, I just react. I’m into competitive bodybuilding, but I never post gym selfies or many competition pictures. Mostly because I do this for me, and people are so quick to judge and say negative things (remember to surround yourself with positivity!!! The biggest step I ever took toward my own happiness was to quit listening to what others think!!!)

Reading over the contract, it hit me- I’m going to be taking pictures of my naked body. And alllllllll kinds of negative thoughts invaded my head. What if I look old? What if my wrinkles make me look like a wicked witch? What if I look like some alien creature trying to take its first steps when I’m posing? I suck at girling- what if they let me pick my own outfit and I look like a toddler that raided moms closet? What if….

After a good pep talk from my grandma, she encouraged me to do it and share the pictures- and I am so glad I did. This turned out to be so much more than I thought it would. These ladies made me feel so comfortable and beautiful just being myself! They were completely prepared for everything. And I mean everything! They got me to open up a bit and relax, then we got started. It was all so professional-I like i felt like a model! I was having so much fun I didn’t worry about any of the things I thought would dominate my thoughts (the poses made me feel NOTHING like the awkward creature I imagined, in fact they were strangely empowering). Not once did I feel like a kid playing dress up, or like I was taking dirty pictures “just for Josh”. It was so much more than just being “sexy”-it was exploring and showing a different side of myself. I can’t even explain the high I felt afterwards. I smiled for days! I still smile and get excited when I think or talk about it!

And the pictures. The pictures!! I must say these ladies really live up to their reputation as artists, because man, I was blown away by my reveal! I ended up buying all of them because they all turned out just incredible! I look at them every few days… and think about all the cool things I want to get to take with me to my next session!!!

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