Is It Good to Sleep With A Bra On?


In everyday life, many of us like to sleep without a bra. Either because they think a bra can restrict movement during sleep or it is just a preference. Let’s face it. People have pondered for a long time whether wearing a bra to sleep is good. The old folks said that sleeping with a bra on can affect our breast health. To be specific, they assumed that it can cause breast cancer! Well, in fact, according to Dr. Terri Ann Samuels, a board certified urogynecologist and founder of Essentially You, on Healthline stated that there is no relevance between wearing a bra and cancer. Generally speaking, cancer is mainly caused by DNA mutations. This is no other internal problem than a factor caused by merely wearing a bra.

However, although it may seem uncomfortable, it is not a surprise that some of us may prefer wearing a bra a lot. There are women out there who wear their bras to sleep for comfort or other reasons. Some women wear bras in their sleep to reduce discomfort due to breast swelling, which is the effect of chest surgery. So today, let us spill the tea of some benefits and downsides of wearing a bra when you sleep. 

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