Classy Minimal Boudoir


Although the background choice of your boudoir photos is a major way to style minimalism into your final images, your outfit choice is arguably the most potent way to keep your images simplistic.

You’ll want to choose classy boudoir outfits  that are plain for timeless results.For minimal boudoir you should be the focus, not your outfit. Any outfit that will draw attention away from your body will be less minimalist by definition. Thus, it’s important to choose simple outfits that keep the attention on you rather than drawing it toward your lingerie. 

A good way to do this is to choose boudoir outfits that are the same color as the background you’ll be photographed on. For example, if you’ll be photographed in a dark room or on a black background, black (or dark) lingerie will feel more minimalist than say red or white.

In most cases, I actually prefer to  photograph women nude for classy minimal boudoir because then there will be no clothes to distract from the minimalist look. Then to make your final images classy, I’ll then pose and light you so that your intimate areas are posed into shadow. Alternatively I can also crop your sensitive areas out of the photos or capture you from angles   that obscure these areas.

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