Santa Rosa Boudoir Photographer


Santa Rosa Boudoir Photographer Jason Guy

Most women I photograph are openly nervous about doing their boudoir session. This is because they don’t feel like they are photogenic or are concerned that they won’t know what to do in front of the camera. 

As far as I’m concerned, comfort in front of the camera is my job. In fact, I’ve become so well known for my ability to pose women, that I typically have a few clients fly in for their boudoir sessions every year from all across the United States.

The bottom line is that if you like the images I show in my portfolio, you’ll likely love the images we’ll create together!

All of the above said, there’s nothing I’ll be able to say that will totally alleviate the anxiety you may have about doing a boudoir photoshoot for yourself. In fact, most of my clients are openly nervous about their sessions up until about 10 minutes after we start shooting. 

This means almost all of the women you see in my portfolio were anxious about their photoshoots and did their session despite their insecurities. Once I show you how to pose your body and give alluring expressions, I’ll show you the back of my camera after we capture a few shots. This is usually enough to melt away all your nervousness.

So if this is something you’ve been wanting to do for yourself, please get in touch and let’s get a video call on the calendar. There’s no obligation to book a session and I’d be happy to answer any of your questions and see if we’d be a good fit for each other!  

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