Gloss Babe T: Document life!


“This was my fourth session with Gloss and this has just become part of how I document life now! I’ve been to a few other studios but Gloss has never been outdone! The team, the studio, and the end results are like a magic trifecta.” ~Gloss Babe T

“Before every shoot I always feel chaotic and unprepared. Sometimes even as I’m walking through the door, I wonder what the hell I’m doing. But once I arrive he whole vibe is so positive that you can’t help but get hyped up and excited! I mean, have you seen my shots?!?! LOL” ~Gloss Babe T

“I would tell someone that is contemplating a session with Gloss don’t hesitate, just go for it!! Honestly, I love the conversations and the chance to catch up with the girls. It’s such a great way to take time for yourself and appreciate where you are, what you’ve been through, and where you’re going. 2022 was a hard year for me and being able to really acknowledge that I’ve survived it, is truly a milestone. Also, it never hurts to bring cake to your shoot ;)” ~Gloss Babe T

“The Gloss team is all so genuinely lovely and I’m so glad you offer the services that you do! Cannot WAIT to come back!!” ~Gloss Babe T

Interested to see where Gloss Babe T got her super cute outfits? Check them out here:

Black tulle robe – Amazon

Bodysuit – Old Navy

Lipstick chemise – Amazon

Are you ready to document your life with a full Gloss Experience?! We’re super excited to have you! Get in touch HERE and we’ll walk you through the full experience!

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