Our Newest Trip! A Most Luxurious Naked Experience


We’ve been running our sailing trips over the past several years, and it’s not uncommon that our travelers want to spend extra time on Bali before or afterward their trip. We were hearing the same question over and over, “What are my options for naked accommodation in Bali where I can connect with like-minded guys?” And we kept having to tell them the truth: the options are few and far between.

We saw a hole and we filled it (wait, that doesn’t sound right). We saw the opportunity and we grabbed it by the balls (oops – there we go again). Regardless of how we say it, here’s the scoop:

We recently created a brand new naked travel experience on land, The Ultimate Bali Villa. It’s one week of nudity, camaraderie, and exploration while staying in a luxurious naked villa on the “Island of the Gods” – offered twice per year. 

Our entire team is super pumped for this new naked experience, and we’ve collected a few statements from them that you’ll find interspersed throughout this blog post.

“The local scoop on the island’s best activities.
It’s a rare chance to experience Bali on a deeper level”

Jacob, Designer of Dreams

So what’s so special about The Ultimate Bali Villa

Well, although it’s a high-end, naked travel experience with incredible room choices, it’s still accessible for a variety of travel budgets. We’ve carefully crafted several pricing options so all kinds of men can join, from all walks of life, making it a more diverse and rich experience for everyone.

So whether you’re a couple looking to splurge on a Private Room for a big anniversary, or a single looking to explore social nudity with like-minded companions in a Shared Room, we’re proud to offer an arrangement that fits you perfectly. You can read more on our Pricing Options page.

“The villa is breathtaking.
I’d be thrilled to stay in any room there!”

Dave, Co-founder

And did we mention the experience is all-inclusive? The price covers everything – entry fees and transportation for all activities on the itinerary, all meals, a 24-hour open bar, a full-body naked massage, services of a naked personal chef/butler, and more! You won’t have to spend another dollar, euro, pound or peso while on the trip.

“A colorful mix of multiple highlights:
stay in the villa, meet new friends, and see unique places”

Max, Co-founder

We had a stroke of genius when it came to creating the trip itinerary. We figured some men interested in the trip will have already been to Bali, while there will also be a bunch of first-timers. So how do we organize activities to satisfy both groups? Ah-hah! Well, each day, guests can select from two itinerary options: a “Famous-In-Bali” activity, or an “Off-the-Beaten-Path” activity. Of course, there’s always the option to hang back and relax naked at the villa any given day, sipping on bottomless cocktails.

“I love the two activity options every day. Actually, three… because I could always stay back and have naked cocktails poolside”

Parker, Captain of Sales

Pair a Sail trip with our villa “Land” trip and get Everything To SEA with Everything To SEE. See our Calendar for specific trip dates.

“Sensational! The jeep ride up Mount Batur – open air jeep, fresh air, view of the lake… this for me is the ultimate experience.”

Ron, Happiness Engineer

One way for us to share more about this experience is to direct you to our webpage, The Ultimate Bali Villa.
But the ideal way for you to understand this experience would be to just come and do it yourself.  We think you’ll be blown away! Reserve your spot on our Booking Form with an easy $200 deposit.

“The activities are great. Sign me up for the palace… and the penis wood-carving workshop!”

Cyrus, Happiness Engineer

Would you join this trip? Let us know in the Comment section below.

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