Boudoir Isn’t Just For The 20 Somethings


You know I think it would surprise a lot of you to know what the average age of my clients are. I’ll bet many of you think they are in their 20’s, maybe early 30’s. But you would in fact, be wrong. Although I do have clients that age, more commonly my clients are 35+ with many in their 40s and an astounding number of 50 and even 60 year olds. There’s no right age for a boudoir session, I can’t stress that enough.

Many people do a boudoir session at different times of their lives. Some women do it when they’re getting married. Heck some women do it again when they’re getting married for a second time. Many women do it just because. In all the years of doing this the one thing that did seem to echo over and over again is that many times women fell that they waited too long to do a session like this. They come into my studio and they say to me I wish I done this 20 years ago because I’m not sure how I’m going to look now. I think we need to change a societal stigma that beauty is only for people who are young. Like there’s no way that a mom in her 30s 40s or 50s could possibly look attractive. I’ve never believed that and I also think it’s really important that women of all ages are allowed to be as sexy as they want to be and feel as sexy as they want to. It’s like there’s this societal pressure that says because you’re a certain age you have to start dressing in all black and cover-up and stop acting like a sexual being. Nope. Nope. Nope. NOT OK. If I have to show one person at a time for the rest of my photography career that being sexy is less about outward measurements and more about believing yourself to be sexy then that is what I’m going to continue doing.

So what do you say ladies? Would you take the plunge and do a boudoir session?

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