Part of the advantages and beauty of nudism is no need to give up on another lifestyle or doing anything else to be into it!


Nudism is a wonderful lifestyle. I want this lifestyle to be around the world and in being a normal culture. It’s more fun to be naked. Nudism isn’t about perfect bodies. And another great thing about nudism is how it’s about no need to give up another lifestyle or doing anything else to be a nudist. May the trend of more nudists each time continue until all of us in the world are nudists.

Why give up on something else or another lifestyle anyway to be a nudist? I myself am to be a nudist without stopping on learning languages, writing in diaries, living in a two-story house, finding my ancestors or coloring.

Nudism is indeed compatible with any other lifestyle. Anyone can also be a nudist with being a vegetarian, minimalist or traveler, among other lifestyles, as well.

Being a nudist does not mean we need to stop being into another lifestyle or doing something else. Just like nudism is no beauty contest, it’s also nothing that discriminates against anyone.

Part of the beauty of nudism includes all kinds of people and all walks of life. It’s in the whole world. I want nudism to be around for everyone and everywhere. Nudism is a good obsession like finding ancestors is. Nudism is what brings us closer together. So, for anyone to be into nudism, don’t give up on your other lifestyle or doing what you are doing!

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