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Recently I have been doing more to get more acceptance of nudism and for my nudist petitions to get more signatures. I want to help spread the word and share the petitions with the world to get many more signatures. A nude-friendly world is a world that is needed and what I just want. I have made a good Facebook page, let’s make social nudity mainstream, with getting more likes each time. I have made a Pinterest board of nudism. This blog is great as well. Recently, I have also decided to expand by having a Patreon page on the cause of nudism as well.

Yes, the link to the Patreon page is above on the image. Just go there and enjoy it!

I have now gotten quite a few donations from others to help support the cause for nudism to become mainstream in the world from Patreon. I can post messages in different languages since I am now a polyglot and to spread the word on nudism more easily. I definitely have posted a few links to my nudist petitions on there too.

Here is the link to go there directly: https://www.patreon.com/Nudismisthewaytogo.

Go check out my page there! And I want to get so much more donations and signatures, with the latter in my nudist petitions. May you enjoy it!

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