Discrimination and prejudice against nudism is the worst! Let’s end this!


Any discrimination and prejudice is cruel and mean. Part of us humans being so weird and in what isn’t fair is having forms of discrimination like racism, sexism and ableism, and being the only living things to cover up in shame. And, it’s so not okay, especially, to be against nudism and discriminate against others just for being naked. We humans have created the naked bodily shame and we are the ones who can end it. We need to talk about how horrible the shame of the nude is and end it.

I am proud and glad to not have ever understood the need to cover up at all times. We humans began naked and is the way we were born. It’s not fair that we are forced to have to cover up for life. I do not like to cover up or have to just limit going naked for when it’s private times and places.

It’s just wonderful to let the skin breathe. Clothes are just restricting, they divide us, they are stifling, block the body from the sense of touch, waste resources for washing and making them, pollute our world and make us feel like we are superior to other living things. It’s why I am so offended by clothing.

We need to talk about how clothing isn’t very healthy. Clothing is a way to have us be deficient of vitamin D that our bodies need. They increase the risk of bites from bugs like ticks and fleas. It’s with nudism in how self-esteem goes up. Sleeping naked is so healthy, like in sleeping better, helping to lose weight and boosting satisfaction. We have fertility be improved in nudism. The answer to less teen pregnancies and abortions is nudism.

We have made more progress in getting rid of discrimination from skin colors, women in particular, lately the non-heterosexual population and other lifestyles. The same should happen for the nudist lifestyle. Discrimination for lifestyles is also as terrible as racism, sexism and homophobia.

To be prejudice against a certain group of people by ethnicity is condemning a culture. But to be prejudice against nudism is so much worse. The prejudice against nudism is condemning all of humanity. We humans were made for being naked, not all covered in clothing. Science suggests for all clothing to be banned due to the harm of it, so it’s time for all of us to just go back to living naked.

Forcing others to wear clothes needs to become a human rights violation. Like in smoking, clothes can slowly but surely kill us by having dangerous chemicals used to make clothing. We need to spread the word on the disadvantages of clothing.

It is definitely abuse of others to force others to cover up because of not being able to control our own lust. Being forced to wear clothes is a cause for sex crimes, murders, rapes, more bullying and bulimia.

We all have skin and wonderful bodies. So, discriminating for not wearing clothes is definitely worse than racism.

None of us are born racist, sexist, with hatred or with any shame of nakedness or the human body. Not only is shame of the nude unnatural, it is also detrimental. Even while nude, there is body shame: by censoring body parts, being told that naked time is only for private times and places, covering up for modesty in a blanket or towel.

The problem is how anything truly bad, like war, violence or abuse, being seen a lot with others not frowning it upon, while covering up or not seeing someone naked. It’s no wonder why we have more problems.

I can tell that it’s important to have public nudity legal around the world and we have nudism for everyone and everywhere.

I am interested in having nudism become common, going to extreme lengths to make it happen. Being naked is in no way going to hurt anyone. There is nothing else in our universe, much less our world, covering up for shame or modesty.

The invention of clothing is why we have different labels, like “private parts” and “naked”.

We humans are special. We are capable of doing what no other living thing can do. We can talk. We can and do speak so many languages. We can invent things to make life easier and better, in technology. We can find cures and eradications of diseases. We are the only ones aware of our thoughts. We can make things for us to enjoy with each other. We can live just about anywhere in the world. Yet we have gone to the extremes when it comes to covering up. We should live uncovered like any other species. Nudism and an advanced civilization surely mix.

I really wish I had gotten raised as a nudist. We should’t be in covering up. I am making my family tradition of nudism beginning with me, my wife and our children. Since they are born I am letting my children see non-sexual nakedness as much as possible. Family nudism is nothing that should ever end.

So let’s go public with the idea of a nudist world. Let’s spread nudism to everyone and everywhere. Let’s work to also rid the world of naked shame and always wearing clothes. Cheers for nudism to be the future in our world, for all humans.

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