Official Rules 2021 Figure – Angel Competition Bikinis



☑ Figure competitors will walk onstage and perform their posing routine alone.

There are 4 different poses for the NPC Wellnes Division; Front, Quarter Turn Right, Quarter Turn Rear, and another Quarter Turn Right.

Walk to the center of the stage. Stop and hit your front pose with CONFIDENCE in your ACBikinis Suit.

Quarter Turn Right
Complete a quarter turn and hit your side pose. Smile and show your strength!

Quarter Turn Rear
Complete another quarter turn and hit your back pose. Some figure competitors use this time to pull their hair to the front so that the judges can see their back muscles.

Quarter Turn Right
Complete one more quarter turn and hit your other side pose.

Quarter Turn back to Front
Complete your last quarter turn to face the judges in your front pose. You are AMAZING, your face should show your confidence! Option to present a signature “good-bye” which can be a wave or similar to the judges. Proceed to the side of the stage under the direction of the stage usher. Feel the accomplishment of doing something most only dream of, you did it!!!

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IFBB Figure Pro Natalia has beautiful posing! The above photo shows her different transitions in her Hologram Eggplant ACBikini.  

This video from NPC News Online. 

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